Project Description
FLMScan is the software part (C#) of the open source 3D Scanner hardware/software project of FabLab Munich.
The FabLab Munich 3D Scanner is a low-cost 3D scanning device consisting of a software-controlled rotating plate, a webcam and a line laser.

FLMScan is a project of FabLab Munich
FLMScan is currently in prototype stadium i.e. it is work in progress.

This screenshot gives you an impression of how the application will look like:


The FLMScan hardware is developed in parallel.
More details about the whole 3D scanner project and the hardware part can be found here.

The FLMScan software roughly consists of the following components:
  • setup and calibration: controls setup of 3D scanner settings and automatic laser / camera calibration
  • hardware control: controls plate rotation for 360 degree capturing of 3D objects
  • web cam capturing: captures and analyzes 2D object images
  • coordinate conversion: calculates 3D world coordinates from 2D image coordinates
  • preview functionality: displays captured 3D object points
  • export functionality: exports 3D object points in standard 3D formats or as bitmaps

See this page for more about the FLMScan Vision.

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