FLMScan Prototype 2, Preview 1

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Updated: Jan 21, 2012 by FLMRobert
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Release Notes

FLMScan Prototype 2, Preview 1

FLMScan Prototype 2, Preview 1 is a preview on the upcoming Prototype 2 release.
Please understand that detailed installtion notes are not available at this early project state.
Therefore only a couple of hints how to install and run FLMScan.

Installation Notes
  • Prerequisites for FLMScan: .NET Framework 4.0 and Windows Installer 3.1 (both included in download)
  • Arduino drivers must be installed
  • Webcam drivers must be installed

Tested configuration
  • Windows XP SP3
  • Logitech C600 Webcam
  • Arduino Duemillanove

Hints for first startup
On first FLMScan applicaton startup, check status indicators "Webcam detected"
and "Arduino detected" in left "Prepare" column of dialog.

If any of these status indicators is red instead of green, then change the settings in file
".../<FLMScan installation directory>/Config/FLMScan.exe.config":
  • Change <add ArduinoSerialPort="7" /> to e.g. <add ArduinoSerialPort="4" /> if your Arduino is e.g. connected to COM4.
  • Change <add CameraId="1" /> to e.g. <add CameraId="0" /> if you have just one camera device attached to your computer. See device manager for a full list of image devices on your computer.

Most of the controls in the FLMScan application are not functional right now.
The only things you can do right now are:
- Start/Stop scanning
- Select either Draft or Final scanning steps
- Change the number of Draft/Final scanning steps
- Select either "Image" or "3D Data" scanning

Scan results are written to the temporary folder specified in FLMScan.exe.config
(<add TemporaryFolder="C:\Temp\FlmScan" />). Each scan is contained in a folder with
name of format "<date> <time>"

In case of errors, check the FLMScan log file for details. The log file is located here:
C:\Documents and Settings\<Login Name>\Application Data\FabLabMunich\FLMScan.

Thanks for early testing and stay tuned for the upcoming Prototype 2 version!