FLMScan Vision

There are already a lot of DIY (Do It Yourself) 3D Scanner projects out there - so why starting another one?

FLMScan is intended as a platform for DIY 3D Scanning devices.

There are different 3D scanning approaches:
  • Shadow scanning
  • Laser line scanning
  • Structured light scanning
  • Fluid scanning
  • 3D reconstruction with multiple photos

The commonality between all these approaches is the sequence of steps:
  1. Move or rotate (the object, the shadow, the fluid level, the camera)
  2. Capture the image
  3. Calculate 3D points
  4. Preview and save captured 3D points

FLMScan will provide this common 3D scanning framework while keeping the design open for the different scanning methods.

The first version of FLMScan will provide implementations for
  • camera calibration
  • laser plane calibration
  • laser line scanning
  • Arduino plate rotation
  • OpenCV capturing, 2D point retrieval and 3D point calculation
  • Saving of 3D points in PLY format
  • 3D point preview with a Processing viewer

Implementations for other scanning methods will follow with future FLMScan versions.

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